mm, let's talk eating disorders over lunch, shall we?

I got an email today, from the president of a University-sponsored club that I do not belong to... I usually just throw them out, but I'm glad I read this one b/c it turned out to be a bit ironic and quite funny, in my mind. Today is definitely a day in which a little bit of humor can go a long way...

The next psych club meeting is this Wednesday Oct 19th at noon in 415 S_. The speakers will be from NUCOPE, talking about eating behavior and disorders. Lunch will be served.
Hope to see you there.


Anonymous Pk said...

ok ...even though I am in recovery from an eating disorder ...that would FREAK ME OUT!!!!!
In no way shape or form could I attend a lunch in and talk about eating disorder behaviors over lunch!!!!!!!!!

BUT ... I still have never been able to go to lunch with my therapist or nutritionist which is evidently a normal part of therapy ...

So ..while I am in recovery ... I still have some issues ...so maybe I'm not quite the right judge ...

How ya doing?

wish I could get on here more to 'see' you!

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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