by proxy

If I but knew the alchemy, I would have you shining in a moment –
these leaden limbs would gleam at every pore.
You would be so bright I could not see, but feel – bask – in the lightening,
I would heal you, love, to see the light again
in your extinguished eyes -
And in my blindness reach out
to fumble at your fall, grasp at
Redemption's product.
I would have you shining for a moment, my eyes white in flame's heat,
Forgetful that gold and dross sink, alike.

I've all but abandoned my blog for a while.. BAD! I decided that a poem (well, a draft- a semi-awful one that i started a while back and abandoned.) might be the way to dive back in. Dr. Charles recently published one, so one could say I stole the idea (tho not the poem! :) from him

It's strange how one can seem sooo busy even when they don't have a whole lot going on.. <---- ME. lol