systemic inflation

O woefully neglected blog.. My efforts are late!
Certainly I haven't been saying anything pithy, or anything at all for that matter! If someone gives me one word or a phrase, I can take it and run, though.. Anyone feel like providing a prompt for me?

[as for excuses... Am in hospital, may have surgery.. before that there was all the air travel.. blahblahblah. ;) minor stuff.] I hope to catch up with all my favorite updates soon, however.

I've lots to do with regard to preparing for the next semester at uni.. Still have to register for classes, nail down the housing agreement for certain, find a way to actually function like a human being...
Small matters. ;-p

The biggest concern of all, as always, is money. I cannot believe the cost of higher education in this country- There is no way the current system and skyrocketing costs can continue on.. The whole system is set to implode at some point.
4-yr degrees, while getting more and more expensive, are also being debased. Having a BA is practically worthless now, given the percentage of people going on to complete uni.. Even grad school has come to mean less and less.. A post-doc is pretty much mandatory in some fields where that wasn't always the case.

The 'dumbing down' of American higher education is pretty scary, pretty frustrating. On the one hand, bringing education to the masses, and graduating greater numbers of college students, seem like good things. Bringing education to those who could not otherwise afford it would be great- and in some cases that's happening....

BUT, for the most part, from my vantage-point I see university studies (and their costs) puffing up like a giant, finite balloon. Who is there that truly gains from all this distortion of purpose/outcome?? Bureaucrats.

Always, it seems, the greedy fingers of bureaucracy are meddling. Not just in education, either. Think tort reform is a plague? I contend that the litigation problems are merely one manifestation of a system top-heavy and stretched out with bureaucracy.

Kind of a messy, rambling entry.. Ah well, though, I guess it's something.