"Med-Mal fears have doctors on the defensive, study says"

Forgive me, please, but this headline from the Pittsburgh Business Times makes me wonder who funded a study to point out the obvious. Of course you're going to be defensive... In this country, doctors have become the equivalent of wounded antelope in a land populated heavily by hyenas. (<--- i won't dignify that breed of self-serving "human" by calling them lions) Innocent doctors are preyed upon by opportunistic parasites.

Of course there are doctors who deserve to be strung up by their thumbs. In my opinion, though, healthcare professionals need to do a better job of policing their own-- how can judges and juries of totally uneducated people be expected to make fair decisions in these cases?

Our society is all together too litigious- People act as though medical malpractice suits are a unique crisis, when in fact there are many other groups facing similar crises. Private citizens, real-estate and property owners, landlords, even branches of the government. This litigiousness is symptomatic of societal decay. We are drowning by inches in Narcissus' pool.

Oh, and...... Where I come from, it's just called CYA medicine, not what the Pittsburgh writer gently terms as "defensive medicine".


Blogger Internal Medicine Doctor said...

Funny, I thought the same thing as you. But you know, if we don't actually point it out in a "study" then everyone will say it's not "really" happening, especially the BAR.

So all in all, I was like "dah". If people only knoew how many unecesary tests were being done adn how each one of those tests costs $500 and above. That's $500 tax dollars- your dollars!

Then you wonder why your medical insurance goes up, why taxes go up. There really is no incentive for a doctor to keep costs down when the ONLY thing on the line is HIS LICENSE!

5:16 PM  
Blogger bronwyn said...

Well said, Madman! The average person has absolutely no clue about the details of the situation.. All they 'know' is sound-bytes that have been spoonfed to them by the media.

The choice is obvious: practice CYA and feed your family... Or possibly lose your license and feed your family with food stamps. (if you're lucky enough to get them!)

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with you, and i think the abdication of any sort of personal responsibility or acceptance of chance makes our society not only weaker, but less just. that's why i like the group commongood (cgood.org).

2:45 PM  
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