Sometimes the news is so depressing. A twenty-year-old woman, Stacy Dow, of Scotland, is suing the NHS for the tidy sum of 250,000 pounds (nearly half a million U.S. dollars) because of an incomplete abortion in 2001.

At the age of sixteen, Ms. Dow learned that she was pregnant with twins. She underwent a standard abortion procedure, which doctors told her was successful. She was then given a contraceptive injection and told that she may gain weight and/or have irregular periods for a while. She did gain quite a lot of weight, missed periods, etc. She was astonished to learn, at 33 weeks gestation, that one of the twins had not been successfully "terminated," and she was too far along to undergo another abortion.

A healthy baby girl, Jayde, was born by elective caesarian in August of 2001. Ms. Dow is suing the NHS for the "financial burden" of raising her daughter. (Jayde's father died unexpectedly two years ago). Ms. Dow lives at home with the child and her own parents. The grandfather is now holding down a second job to help with the expense of raising the child.

Ms. Dow says she may explain all this to her daughter when she is nine or ten years old. What's she going to tell her? By the way, honey, I really wish you'd never been born. And since you're such a hassle, I really had to sue over it. Oh yeah, and, I underwent a procedure to "terminate" you and your twin, but it didn't work on you.

She claims that she had plans to go to university to study nursing, but had to give up those plans when Jayde was born. She does not plan to pursue any further education in the future.

I'm sorry, but what a bunch of bullshit. There are so many women out there who make it through much worse, and without the benefit of the grandparents willing to let them freeload.

Is this the world we want?


Blogger Dreaming again said...

How horrifying!

I can't even imagine what this little girl is going to go through when she learns this information!

Poor girl, her mother doesn't deserve her!


10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all i can say is...did anyone ever mention adoption to her back in the day?! did she not consider then what would be involved in keeping the "failed attempt"?

my husband, if he were the judge, would offer to terminate the child at this stage if that's what she really wants, since that was her original intention anyway and since she is clearly so upset about it now...see what she has to say about it then, eh?

ps-sorry about the random comment...i'm a bit of a blog lurker...i just found your blog and this inspired me to comment...

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