the holy water is causing problems again

I have a number of entries I am planning to write, once I'm back on my feet. Even a funny one!!! Imagine it... ME, write something humorous?? It's in the works. :)

Before I get to the "publishing" stage, though, I have some unfortunate business that needs to be attended to. Surgery first thing tomorrow (Monday the 14th) morning, so I am not quite sure when I'll post again.

My head may look like this again, only imagine it *plus* another (much larger) incision towards the back, and a few smaller cuts as well. Actually, I *might* be able to salvage my hair somehow this time. Maybe. Fingers crossed!! If it looks anything like a comb-over, though, the clippers are coming out. My neurosurgeon (not the one who made the cut pictured) is careful about shaving as little as possible, so we'll see.

Two words that I intend to remind the neurosurgery team of in the morning: OPIATE. TOLERANCE. (Hell, it doesn't even have to be opiates. Substance tolerance.) They seem to forget every time, somehow, and are then surprised when little teeny doses of meds do nothing. I am so used to all the different medications used pre-op and post-op that the "normal" routine just doesn't work for me.

Sure hope they've figured it out by now. The resident on call this week is the same one who let me go the entire night after an open abdominal surgery with no pain meds. None. I hate him. :(

my very rudimentary rendition of the ventricular system.. from memory, so forgive me if it's awful. :)


Blogger Dreaming again said...

I'll be praying for you in the morning. I hope all goes well.

Take care of yourself in the recovery period. Take it easy!

I do hope they give you good pain management ... we may have to sick Dr. Charles on them if they don't!!

I had a nurse in ICU after my thymectomy (for those reading who don't know, the thymus gland is right behind the sturnum, they get it by opening your chest, like in open heart surgery)who, when I asked for pain meds said "I'll get your morphine."
We'd been told I couldn't have morphine because of the myasthenia gravis. My husband freaked out and instead of the nurse explaining us that they'd found that I had NOT responded well to the demerol (they'd had to put me back on the respirator) but they'd been giving me morphine all day, without it effecting my MG, the nurse just said "Well, then I just will not be able to give her anything till Dr. M gets here."
My husband said "When will that be?"
"Probably about 10 tomorrow morning"
It was 7 pm.
Um ...excuse me? They cut my chest wide open 8 hours ago ... you're not leaving me without pain meds!!!
So my husband gets upset ..and THEN we learn, the story that I'd BEEN ON MORPHINE ...geeesh! All he had to have done was tell us that in the first place!!!!


They better give you enough!!!
I hope they don't have to take too much hair either! I'm loosing so much of my hair (thanks lupus!) that I get freaky about hair stuff, so I cringe when I think about you having to have it shaved.

GOOD LUCK! Post as soon as you can, but not tooooo soon. Make sure you've recovered enough.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

best wishes from me too. I hope you are recovering without pain now. your hair looks a bit like sinead oconnor's in 'nothing compares 2U' i dig it! your good humor is inspiring... i'll be looking forward to your next posts, but take your time

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