the little things

Overheard recently, an MD talking to an RN at the start of what promised to be a busy day in clinic:

MD: Even the cleaning lady is giving me assignments now. The cleaning lady! I mean, people who shouldn’t even be talking to me!

Forgive my inarticulate expression, but my first thought on hearing this was, wtf?! I then turned off my ears, afraid of what else I might overhear. No wonder my blood pressure was a little high when the assistant eventually got to me.

Looking back, I have to wonder how many of the people this MD deals with every day, are just that: people with menial jobs, people who make minimum wage, people who speak little English. People who shouldn’t even be talking to him.

Had anyone else been in the waiting area, they surely would have heard his remark as well. But I was alone, he was not my MD, and so the words floated off into the morning – small and harmless and unremembered, save for this entry in an obscure blog.


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