It's Thirsty Thursday... Do you know where your brain cells are?

Ah, that time of week again, when 98% of my fellow college students rush out to pickle themselves in jug upon jug of cheap vodka. Rubinoff: taste the plastic, mmm.

I will wake up feeling hung over tomorrow morning, guaranteed. The twist, though, is that I am not drenching myself in alcohol tonight. (Or any other night, for that matter.) My new meds make me feel even more hung over than I would if I were out slamming shots. Not the most thrilling sensation in the world when, a: these meds are supposed to be helping me and, b: I feel like I am 9000 years old to begin with anyway. BLAH

Tomorrow I must make up three quizzes for my bio lab, said quizzes having been missed while I was in hospital. I am also supposed to turn in a microbiology lab, complete with data from the gel electrophoresis I ran. Only problem is that this lab makes NO sense whatsoever to me. I'd like to think I am a reasonably intelligent person, so what is going on here? The one thing that comes to mind first is the little detail that, oh, huh, we never even talked about this stuff.. Not once. That still does not answer what my problem is, though. I can generally read something and assimilate the basics independently of anything else. So why is this not penetrating? BLAH again.

Only 9 pm, the partying has barely begun, and I am ready for bed. The joy of being the grandmotherly-type in college. :)


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